Avalon And Everything After

by Wholy Failure




Wholy Failure (ME) exists as a receptacle for the deepest musical compositions of Patrick A. Hasson (Auspicium, Avulse, Black Chalice). Originally formed in 2009 as an outlet for his noise tracks, Wholy Failure now vacillates between the harsh noise of the early days and a blend of post-punk, shoegaze, and post-rock.

“Avalon and Everything After” drifts further into the post-punk territory on the A side of this release, also touching some Goth influences as well. The B side creates a stark, apocalyptic soundscape, relying only on Hasson’s guitar and vocals, culminating in the title track, a bitter ode to a life together ending and a life alone crumbling down.



released May 11, 2012

Patrick Hasson - everything
(Avulse, Auspicium, Field of Spears, Black Chalice)



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Track Name: Pissing Match
Cover me with your bile. Your hatred, your disgust. Piss upon my happiness. A salted taste in my mouth.
Time waits for no one. I thought “til death do us part”. You thought “til the next dick comes along”. Disposable human emotion. Disposable human being. You here for the pissing match, I’ve got these front row seats. Why couldn’t you have killed me? I’d be happier for it.
Track Name: Signal Loss
Your tears meant nothing as they rolled silently off your face. Your pain was nothing compared to what I felt. You said you were sorry, you said you didn’t mean to maim, but your words were bladed knives, serrated and bound in poison. God may forgive and you may forget, but I’ll do neither, I’ll hold this hatred until death. I go blank and silent, as I wait for the end to come. I’ve always talked of death with fear, and now that moment is here. You stand like Athena, a tower of earthly grace. I have climbed that tower, and all others who follow will fall short. And I know that you will change, you’ve always been a fickle one. But as you said you need to find your own way, so I’ll never turn back to you. And you’ll scream and you’ll beg, and there will be tears on your face. The tears on mine will be silent and full of happiness and content.
Track Name: Avalon And Everything After
Why do you make me feel? First came love, then Avalon and everything after. And as this world fell apart, we fell also in decaying laughter. Why do you make me feel? First came love, then came Avalon and everything after. As I laid down to die I started to weep, which then turned into laughter. Why do you make me feel? First came love, then came Avalon and everything after. As my world fell apart, I fell to sleep with these sobs of laughter. At the end of this world we will stand before god, and thank him for his grace. The grace to understand his malice, the grace to enjoy the pain.